Tuesday, January 9, 2018

My Little ElsaGate #4 - Abuse boys, only boys!

Let's return to the My Little Pony ElsaGate series that spans many channels! Why did I wait so long to do this? Well, let's just say that once you see one of these series, you've pretty much seen all of them; Just swap out the cute Twilight Sparkle design for a girl from a different series and you have another series. Every ElsaGate series is made up of characters from the franchise they're ripping off put into certain roles; There's always:
  • A man who is married to a woman but easily falls for another woman (Flash Sentry)
  • A woman who is married to the man but gets easily angered if the slightest wrong thing happens, even assuming her own husband does things without evidence, like in #2 (Twilight Sparkle)
  • A second woman which tries to hurt or kill the man's wife and take him for herself (Adagio)
  • One or two kids who are very young and look like their parents (Baby Twilight Sparkle and Baby Flash Sentry)