Thursday, January 21, 2021

The Great Refactoring of 2021

Mary stands on a raised block in front of camera. Beyond her is a big, blue ground with a lowered green area to the left. Behind that, a big pool of water is seen.
How's Magical Mary going? Well, I think this picture says it all; There's not much anymore...
Oh, wow... I really suck at ensuring things are up to date, aren't I? I mean, just visit the official Magical Mary 1 YouTube channel and you'll see the severe lack of any update videos, which is mainly due to the higher standard of quality that is expected of YouTube videos compared to the quick, short, and easy videos uploaded to the Facebook and Instagram🆕 pages.

Still, despite the silence, there's still ongoing development and updates being made to the game! It just isn't the most exciting thing to show in pictures since it basically required all of the existing levels to be thrown out; Right now, there's only a very simple test level with ramps, raised blocks, and water. I can still talk about the cool recent updates in this blog post, so let's get to that right now!