Friday, October 25, 2019

My Laptop's Coma

I'll admit, I don't really post here enough, but with how much my mind and other stuff messes with me, I think I don't see the need as much as I did when I first created it.

However, something happened recently that really needs a small blog post… I would be working on Mary's Magical Adventure now, but my laptop completely stopped working when I was messing around in the menu two nights ago. I now have my desktop computer, but it will be awkward compared to using the laptop to me.

This also means recent changes that weren't backed up are lost. This only affects the recent claw changes for Mary, including the WIP first person animations. This really sucks and shows how little I back up stuff. If that weird mole Mr. Resetti existed, he wouldn't be happy with this loss of data I could've lessened the impact of…